Oil press machine, as their name indicates, is used to extract oils from the seeds. There are various kinds of oil press machines available in the market. Based on your use, you can procure an oil press expeller for either industrial use or for some domestic purposes. One of the most successful oil mill machinery is that of a single screw oil press machine. It is the minimum size oil press machine that can be used to make vegetable oils from various oil-bearing seeds, including soybean, palm kernel, groundnut/peanut, sunflower seeds, niger seed, mustard seeds, cottonseeds and more.

The minimum size screw oil press machine produces maximum yield of oil per seed with an extremely low investment cost. It is quite successful based on the fact that it has less machine components compared to the other oil pressing machine, making it easy to maintain and easier to operate upon. It is now the most favorable oil press for small scale oil making workshops.

Features of Mini Size Oil Press
The primary feature of the mini size oil press machine is the high yield of oil and low residual wastage. The oil extracted is pure with low amounts of impurities which are then processed out. The other features include:
1.Mobility: Due to its size, the machine features high mobility and can be transported easily.
2.Labor Saving: The headcount reduces as most of the process is automated requiring just a couple of personnel.
3.Less Land: 10 square feet of land is what is required for the installation of the machine.
4.Great Quality: The purity factor is stressed upon yielding out pure oil.
5.Performance: The parts are resistant to wear and tear with an updated heat treatment reducing the maintenance cost of the machine.
6.Energy Saving: Optimal and proper gear ratio helps in saving the energy costs.
7.Maximum Yield Rate: The yield rate is approximately 8% higher than the other current machines.

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