There are several methods in practice that are used to press the flax oil out of the flaxseed such as by using mechanical flax seed oil press (expeller pressing machine) , soaking them in the chemical solvent extraction or using air-pressure technique. Here we recommend you our hot sale small set of seed oil pressing assembly unit, or you can calll it mini scale seed oil mill plant.

The flaxseed oil press machine is combined pressing cage, gear box, hopper, screw axis and machine base. This type screw oil press machine has been proved can provide the most efficient oil extraction rate and is very convenient to operate it in actual conditions. Most importantly, the reasonable structure allows flexible oil pressing capacity, ranges from mini size, small to medium size. Our flaxseed oil machine is designed in small size to save space of oil processing. Every part is built with premium quality materials for durable operation. It has high oil yield, but low oil residual rate. In addition, we can supply customized flaxseed oil press machine based on the specific requirements.

Features of Flaxseed Oil Processing Technology
1.Avoids the degradation of oils and sugars and the harmful substances caused by denaturation of proteins in high temperature pressing
2.Avoids the color darkening of flaxseed oil caused by high temperature and the appearance of paste
3.Through multiple filtration, the direct contact and secondary pollution between chemical substances and active ingredients caused by sulfuric acid degumming, caustic soda deacidification and active clay decolorization in hot pressing process are avoided.
4.Avoids high-temperature distillation deodorization, effectively prevent high-temperature damage to polyunsaturated fatty acid-alpha-linolenic acid in flaxseed oil, effectively retain the natural and complete nutrients, easier for human absorption and nutritional supplement