Our mini mustard oil mill can press all kinds of oilseeds both for the edible ones and non-edible ones such as peanuts, cotton seeds, mustard, rapeseed, sunflower seed, and other oilseeds. You need only one professional oil press to bulid your mini oil plant to make a big money. Our mustard oil mills need lower recurring cost which is compared to other company .Because our machines need the less manpower , space requirement, operational requirement and an extremely lower maintenance cost.

Want to set up a mini mustard oil mill of your own ? With the rapid development of the world economy ,more and more people want to produce their own edible oil mill in their home with household electronic application rather than buying some from the grocery store. The usage of the edible oil all over the world are increasing every year . The oil is one of the indivisible stuffs of human beings’ life .All the nations around the world with the various climate have their own oilseed . Oilseed output occupies important position in agricultural and industrial system of the country and it accounts for regarding 13% of the cropped area. And so the condition is favorable to setting up a mini oil mill by your own.So,if the answer is “Yes”,you may need our professional machines for your mini oil milling factory .

The 6 Steps in Mustard Oil Production Process
Seeds are dried: Mustard seeds are dried in the sun and they are transferred into silos for further storage, until the rest of the production process takes place. This step is very important as oil rapidly deteriorates in the process of water.
Inspection and cleaning: The next step in the process is transferring the seeds from the silo to the Chalna to be cleaned. During this process all the dirt and other foreign objects are removed from amongst the seeds. Water (or other fluids) are not used during this process.
Seeds are heated:Heating the seeds before extraction begins, increases the oil yield. Heating also increases the protein availability, which is useful if the end result oil cake will be used for animal feed.
The expelling process is started: After heating up the seeds are fed into the expeller and a batch type process follows. First the seeds are pressed and crushed for an hour to release a large amount of oil (approximately 23-26%); the residual oil cake is removed manually and is fed into the first expeller. The oil cake is then crushed even further in a high pressure chamber. Following this, the oil cake is fed into the second expeller and the process is repeated. In all there are 5 expellers, and the same process takes place in each expeller to ensure the maximum amount of oil is extracted. The total yield of oil is between 33% – 36% depending on the quality of the seeds that were used.
Filtration process: After the final expelling process the oil is stored in an unfiltered oil tank from where the oil is fed to filter press for filtration. This process removes the last remaining impurities from the oil.
Bottling: After the oil has been filtered, it can finally be bottled, sealed and labelled in order to be ready for sale.

If you plan to sart a complete mustard oil making business and wish to provide your customers with quality mustard oil and also increase your market share, it is important to install high-quality mustard oil machinery.

Your biggest concern may be what’s the cost of establishing a complete oil plant and are the machines pricey? Yes, these machines require big capital investment when purchasing them. But if you hire us to be your supplier, you are guaranteed better rates and a lower investment cost. (Reference: The price of 5ton/d small oil mill machine is about 7000USD. While the 20ton/d mustart oil plant cost can range from 40,000USD to 80,000USD.)