Cotton seed is an annual plant that cultivated for cotton fiber, animal feed and cotton seed oil. Similar to sunflower seeds, cotton seed has a hard outer hull. Cotton seed oil often used as cooking oil. Cotton seed oil processing is a complicated process that requires rigorous control. Refined cottonseed oil is in orange or brown color. Cotton seed oil contains a large amount of essential fatty acids, so it is more appropriate to mixed with animal fat when eating. Because of high content of oleic acid, cotton seed oil can effectively inhibit the rise of cholesterol in the blood and maintain the health of the human body. The absorptivity of cotton seed oil by human body is up to 98%. (Read More about Sunflower Seed Oil Making>>)

To extract oil out from the seeds of cotton plants, cotton seed oil processing machine is needed whatever the capacity is small or large. The cottonseed oil machine designed by QIE Machinery is Screw Oil Press Machine that is now the most popular cooking oil processing machine in market since it can process various plant seeds or oilseeds such cottonseeds, sunflower seeds, peanut/groundnut, soybeans, palm kernel, sesame seeds, flaxseed, almond, moringa, coconut/copra, and more. By the way, we have rich experiences in setting up edible oil mill plant that can process different raw materials. such as 10TPD Edible Oil Production Line in Uganda for Cottonseed Oil & Sunflower Oil & Soybean Oil. (Read more about Cost Setting up Edible Oil Plant >>)

Generally, cottonseed oil processing is done by a several process that can be simply divided into seeds cleaning, dehulling, flaking, softening, pressing, filtration or refining. Based on different cotton seed oil production capacity, the machinery may include cleaning machine, shelling machine, cooking machine, oil press machine, oil filter machine, oil filter and oil refinery machine. But, all the actual oil processing equipment should be based on the capacity and actual oil production conditions. Below details the cottonseed oil processing steps for your reference. (Read more about: Cottonseed Oil Manufacturing Process >>)

Most of small and medium cottonseed oil mill plant uses screw oil press machine to press oil out from the cottonseed kernels by mechanical pressure so as to improve the oil yield and reduce the investment cost. Screw oil mill plant is also used to pre-press oil before starting solvent extraction.For large scale cottonseed oil processing plant, the most widely used method for cottonseed oil extraction is solvent extraction, which can meet the large production demand for cottonseed oil. But it usually requires very large investments.