Soybean oil processing plant has two kinds, soybean oil pressing plant and soybean oil solvent extaction plant. Among the processing, soybean pretreatment is necessary, which can highly increase soybean oil yield.

Soybean is a very common raw material for oil extraction. Its oil content is in the range of 15.6%-22.5% and contains 35%-45% of protein, It makes soybean a high-quality high-protein and high cost performance oil material.

Soybean oil solvent extraction plant

Soybean oil solvent extraction plant adopts the most advanced solvent oil extraction method to extract crude soybean oil from soybean.

Our soybean oil solvent extraction plant is with advanced designed and lowest solvent consumption, and can produce high capacity soybean oil. But before solvent extraction, soybean should be pretreated in soybean oil processing plant. And the send the pretreated soybeans to soybean oil solvent extraction plant.
Through effects of wet penetration, diffusion and convert diffusion, soybean oil solvent extraction plant utilizes solvent to extract oil out of soybean embryos. The solvent is capable of dissolving the fat and then separating soybean oil from the mixture of oil and solvent, and obtains crude soybean oil after solvent recycled. The solvent in soybean meal is also recycled as to obtain extracted soybean meal.
Soybean oil solvent extraction plant design with lowest solvent addition. We adopts vacuum evaporation, and solvent soaking or spraying method to extract crude soybean oil from soybean with high oil yield and low residual oil.
There are complete sets of exhausted gas absorption system equipped with all working process flow of soybean oil solvent extraction plant. This soybean oil extraction plant is featured by low pollution, low energy consumption, low failure rate and stable operation.

We own rich experience of designing, manufacturing and installation of soybean oil extraction plant and guarantee high efficiency, high profit and reliable oil extraction process.

Soybean Oil Refinery

Crude soybean oil contains a large number of other ingredients that require further refining. In this section, continuous alkali refining shortens contact tome between oil and lye,which reduces oil saponification state,lowers refining consumption,and improves efficiency;negative pressure state avoids oxygen in the air from contacting with hot oil,thereby ensuring oil product quality ,inhibiting with hot oil,there by ensuring oil product quality,inhibiting acid value to rise again,and lowering peroxide value; physical refining section adopts new type continuous deacidiffication and deodorization craft, the actual production proves its most obvious advantages as following: strong deacidiffication ability ,excellent hot bleaching effect,high refining rate ,good oil quality etc.

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