Soybean is an annual herbaceous plant and its yield is about 50% of the world total production of oil plants. The main producing countries of soybean are the United States, Brazil, Argentina and China. The oil content of soybean is about 18%.

Pretreatment process:

Leaching process:
solvent solvent recovery
↓ ↓
Soybean cake→ extractor→ mixed oil treatment→ crude oil

Solvent recovery ←evaporation of wet meal →finished meal

Refining process:
Soybean crude oil– phosphoric acid degumming—washing and drying—adsorption and decolorization—distillation and deodorization—filtration– refined oil

Soybean oil mill plant has the following characteristics:

1.Perfect cleaning process: with the cleaning sieve to remove the impurities, the suction fan to remove impurities lighter than soybean and stoning machine to remove stones in the soybean. 99% of the impurities in the soybean can be completely removed through the cleaning process, thereby reducing the equipment wear and ensuring the quality of soybean.

2.Precise flaking process: to destroy the cell tissue and increase the surface area of oil plant, and shorten the distance of oil outflow. It is conducive to oil extraction and improve steaming and stir frying effect. Requirements of flaking is that the perform should be thin and uniform with less powder and no leakage.

3.Energy saving and environmental protection leaching system: the extractor is our company’s patent product. It has unique tail gas absorption system with good absorption effect, sufficient energy saving design. The heat are repeatedly used, thus saving the amount of steam.