Most soybean oil extraction plant or soybean crushing units that produce edible oil are located in the central region of India. Refineries are not far from the oil pressing plant, crushing mills or are located in the vicinity of ports. Location near the ports is practical due to exporting to the other southeast countries. Note India imports a lot of soybean oil which is then refined by local cooking oil refining plant and packaged for local consumption.

In some cases, special soybean processing technology is adopted to get high quality soybean protein after oil extraction, and the investment is higher than normal oil extraction process. The qualtiy of your soybean can also affect the cost. If the soybean is not fresh or contains a lot of impurities, it will all affect the yield of soybean oil, which means to get the same amount of soybean oil, your investment can be higher than others. Here is a referrence for you: when running a 5 ton/day small soybean oil extraction plant, the equipment cost is around $7000~$10,000. Just feel free to get in touch with us to confirm soybean oil processing plant cost, we will offer the best price based on your situation and needs!