Sesame Oil Processing Machine is very much suitable to clean the raw sesame oil. In our Oil Mills, when the Sesame Seeds are Crushed on our Expellers, the machine produces crude sesame oil.
This Raw / Crude Sesame Oil contains impurities which need to be removed. Our Sesame Oil Processing Filter will clean the oil and give Purest Natural Oil as output.

The sesame oil press is a new type of Screw Oil Press Machine that makes use of the pressing rings or pressing bars to extruder oil out from sesame seeds. Compared to other sesame oil presses in the market, screw sesam eoil presser we supply can squeeze sesame materials evenly, which can optimize the oil out output. In addition, the oil extracted by our sesame oil machine is of high quality, bright color and full fragrance. Our sesame oil press machine boasts strong capacity, stable and efficient performance. Most importantly, it is priced lower than other type of oil production machinery, but can achieve the same sesame oil production results.

Product Features:

1.multifunctional oil press machine for peanuts, olives, sesame, nuts, corn, vegetable seeds, flaxseeds and so on.

2.the home oil press machine can continue to work for 8-10 hours

3.oil extracting rate is up to 45%

4.easy to operate , clean and move .

If you are searching for sesame oil extraction machine for start your own sesame oil business, you are in the right place! We manufacture a wide range of vegetable seed oil extraction machine including sesame oil extraction machine, filter press, seeds cleaner and oil machine spare parts. To ensure well operation and long service life, our machines are made of premium materials and are widely applied for the extraction of edible or cooking oil.