Safflower seed oil is obtained from the seed extracts of the same plant. It is a thistle-like, annual plant with limited cultivation worldwide. Safflower seeds have been used typically as dyes in the past, but in recent years they have been used for several purposes. The oil content of the seed varies from 15-20% to 30-35%, depending on the variety (species). The oil is a great substitute for other cooking oils from plant sources, which are largely less-healthy. Thus, Safflower oil is showing good market growth across the globe.

We offer premium Screw Safflower Seed Oil Press at the most competitive prices. Safflower Seed Oil press is a Screw Oil Press Machine . Screw oil press is capable of pressing a wide range of oilseeds. Characterized by the high oil output, simple design and continuous operation, screw oil press enjoys large popularity.

Advantages of Safflower Seed Oil Press
1. Composed of high-quality carbon steel which has high hardness and strength and wear-resistance, suitable for ceaselessly high-temperature pressing.

2. Widely used for pressing many kinds of oilseeds, such as peanut, soybean, sesame, flax seed, cottonseed, sunflower, etc; popular among small or medium size mills and plants.

3. With the properly designed pressing chamber, the pre-heating process and rotation of the machine quickly increase the temperature in the chamber, which makes the inner structure of oilseeds broken and pressed easily.

4. Save labor and energy. Compared to the traditional type, Screw oil press reduces 60% electric power and saves 40% labor.

If you are searching for an ideal oil extraction equipment for safflower oil extraction with the aim to produce high valued safflower seed oil, then the above mentioned oil processing technology and oil extraction equipment may the most cost effective one for your demands for safflower oil production, any questions, please contact us any time