This chapter discusses the production of fats and oils from vegetable sources. In the process of extraction of vegetable oils, pulp oils are produced close to the production location of the oil fruit. As a pre-treatment, palm fruit is cooked and the fruit is then separated from the bunch stalk; Then the oil is extracted by pressing and the must is centrifuged. The press cake from pulp oils can be dried and used as combustible material, thus providing part of the energy needed for their production. Oilseeds can be stored and transported easily. Vegetable oils are therefore extracted close to the consumer. As a pre-treatment, oilseeds are cleaned, possibly de-hulled, reduced, heat-treated, and flocculated. The oil of all oil fruit can be press-extracted; oilseeds can be solvent extracted. The press and extraction meal from seed oil production is usually used as fodder. The production method of the oils depends on the raw material. The only raw materials that can be stored without quality deterioration for a long period are the oilseeds.

Edible oil extraction system is a kind of oil leaching through soaking or spraying pre-pressed cake by a certain organic solvent, which adopts the chemical leaching oil process. The principle of this part is the different solubility of solvent. Based on the competitive advantages in both structure and utilization, edible oil extraction technology has become the most advanced production technology in the international edible oil processing field.

The principle of edible oil extraction plant is to extract oil from seed press cake or soya bean by organic solvent (hexane). Solvent “pusshes out“ the air from raw materials, fill up the cavities, dissolves the oil. Solution of oil and solvent sticks on the particles and its concentation comes into balance with concentation of the free solution around the particles. This concentration balance moves countercurrent – wise by bringing more and more diluted solution up to clear solvent. Such diffusion operation takes place in oil extractor.

Edible oil extraction plant has a lot many usages – be it directly or indirectly in refined foods and apart from its edible usage, it also has its non edible applications as well which are industrial in nature in sectors of paints, lubricants, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals etc. Setting up an edible oil extraction plant has been a success story with us, however if you want to save time and start leaping your business it is imperative to give the building of the edible oil extraction plant to an expert who has been in this line of business of starting from scratch till a complete build up which is up and running.