Setting up a complete oil mill plant for vegetable oil extraction is the most crucial step to start the vegetable oil business. But there are still many influencing factors that play an important role in starting vegetable oil extraction business and ensure it success. These factors include business strategy, raw materials supply, oil extraction plant location, running cost, operation staff, marketing and advertising of final produced oils, and more. In order to ensure the success of your business, above listed factors should be taken into consideration when you set goals in the vegetable oil processing industry.

Many vegetable oils are in great demand around the world, including soybean oil, sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, cottonseed oil, palm oil, palm kernel oil, rice bran oil, peanut/groundnut oil, coconut oil, and more.

We manufacture and export Edible Oil Extraction Machinery for expelling and extraction of oil from various edible and non-edible oil seeds. Our EDIBLE OIL EXTRACTION MACHINERY includes of Oil Screw Presses, Oil Expellers, Oil Expelling Equipments, Oil Press machines etc. Our oil extraction machinery is available in various different capacities from 3 tons per day to 150 tons per day ranging from small scale to large scale.Today, the oil milling industry has grown very big and is a highly developed business. A specific oil processing method is applied which includes seed preparation, seed processing, seed conditioning, oil extraction, oil filtering and oil refining. Manufactured as per the latest technology, our edible oil extraction machinery finds a huge scope in the oil extraction sector.For the achievement of extracting optimum quality of oil from oil seeds, the seeds need to be cleaned, cooked, and processed. Each seed is different and contains a varying amount of oil in them. The seeds have to be separated from all kinds of unwanted materials.A oil expeller with an individual kettle is used to crush the seeds so that maximum high quality oil can be expelled from them.Our range of oil extraction machines are high-tech and robustly constructed. These oil extraction machines can crush all kinds of oilseeds. It can withstand heavy operating load for crushing job. This gives better oil recovery and profitable operation.

Expeller-pressed oil by certain oil extraction machinery is nearly the same as traditional vegetable oil extraction way and it provides the highest quality and most healthy oils. The best advantage of using our oil extraction machinery and oil extracting machines is that the oil that is extracted in such machinery is pure, natural and organic. It is totally free from chemicals making it much healthier and purer.