We are professional manufacturer of palm kernel oil milling machine,we can offer complete solutions of palm kernel oil milling to palm kernel oil refining. We manufacture unique Palm Kernel Oil Milling machine to extract the palm kernels and obtain the pure and natural palm kernel oil.

Nowadays there are more and more small or big palm oil mills in Nigeria, after processing palm fruit, there are much palm nut and fiber remained. Fiber can be as animal feed or fertilizer. While they do not know how to deal with palm nut because In fact, palm kernel oil is more valuable than palm fruit oil. Palm kernel oil is more expensive than palm oil in the supermarket.
Palm kernel oil (PKO) is a lucrative product from palm oil fruit. After palm oil is produced, the palm kernel remains. Processing the kernels provides an additional source of revenue. Traditionally, palm kernel nuts were cracked by hand. This tedious and inefficient method was then replaced by a palm kernel cracking machine, which could crack the nuts, but separation of nuts and shells still had to be done manually. Now our company develop a new technology palm kernel cracker and shell kernel separator can crack the nut and then separate the kernels from the shell.
Palm kernel oil is an healthy vegetable oil.similarly to coconut oil, is high in saturated fats and is more saturated than palm oil.and it does not contain cholesterol or trans fatty acids.It is commonly used in commercial cooking because it is lower in cost than other oils and remains stable at high cooking temperatures.

How the Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Machine Works

1.Palm kernels move from the hopper into the extraction chamber to be crushed. A rotating screw powered by the motor forces the kernels through the chamber and breaks them down into smaller pieces.

2.The friction from the rotating press screw adds to the high temperature in the chamber. The design of the screw with a larger diameter at one end and a smaller diameter at the other facilitates the movement of the crushed kernels forwards and outwards so that the kernels are compressed as they pass through the chamber.

3.This crushing process extracts most of the oil from the kernels, separating the oil from the dry, de-oiled cakes (containing less than 7.4% of the remaining oil).