We are a popular equipment manufacturer and supplier among vegetable oil production sector, well known for quality and services, distributing coconut oil pressing machine including screw oil pressing machine, integrated oil expeller with filter and refining machine at competitive price. Besides, we also distributes turnkey project solutions for complete coconut oil production plant. We can help you establishing efficient and customized edible oil pressing and refning factory and guide you step by step to the succeed of your oil making business.

The small scale coconut oil extraction machine provided by QIE Machinery is screw type oil press expeller that makes use of the mechanical pressure to extract oil out from the raw materials. It is easy to operate and maintenance, which makes it the TOP choice for small scale oil making business workshops. The main structure of coconut oil extraction expeller is feeder, gear box, pressing cage and machine base.

Mechanical Coconut Oil Extraction Process: the dry coconut with 10% ~ 12% moisture is transported to the automatic scale to remove the broken iron through the magnetic chamber, and is ground into particles of about 0.3 cm in diameter, and the particles are pressed into a thin sheet to enlarge the surface of the dried coconut oil extracting.

Pre-treated dry coconut material was steamed and tempered in a frying pan at a temperature of 115°C for 20 min. Under this condition, the phospholipid precipitated due to rupture of the fat cells, and the water content was reduced to 3%. The whole size is uniformly steamed and the raw material is sent to coconut oil extraction expeller press for continuous pressing and oil extraction. The inner section of pressing cage is the core part of coconut oil extraction. And the oil is mostly discharged according to the uniform decreasing characteristic curve. In general, the pressed coconut oil cake residual is about 7%.

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