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Common oil extraction process

The process of pressing edible oil from common oilseeds is basically the same, and the complete oil pressing process must include the following three procedures.
Oil seeds pretreatment

Oil seeds pretreatment

The pretreatment process of oil seeds is necessary. This process can remove impurities in the oil seeds to protect the machine from wear and tear, and can make the oil seeds reach the best condition to increase the oil yield.

Oil Press&Leaching

Oil Press&Leaching

The pretreated oilseeds come to the pressing module for pressing. Methods of extracting oil include cold pressing, hot pressing, leaching extraction, etc. Different materials are suitable for different production methods.

Crude oil refining

Crude oil refining

The extracted edible oil generally cannot be used directly, and needs to be refined and then filled for consumption. Oil refining will remove harmful substances in crude oil, making edible oil healthier.

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